Player will be given a sat nav, called Route Advisor. It displays player's current status and helps player with information about player's current job and point player where to go.

Route Advisor can be controlled using mouse when the game is paused (by pressing F1). There are also shortcut keys for the most often used functions, which can be used during driving. These can be changed in the options menu. The available hotkeys are suggested directly in Route Advisor. By pressing F3 you can toggle between normal, transparent and invisible.

The main display of Route Advisor:

  • At top: Player's current status, such as (start from left): Speed, gear, damage, fuel, fatigue, e-mail indicator, time and player's money.
  • At centre: Contents of selected pages
  • At below: Page toggles (switch between navigation, current job description, truck diagnostic and short message). Player can switch pages using hotkeys that have been displayed.

Navigation (F5)Edit

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The blue arrow on the map shows the player's current position. When delivering cargo, it shows the shortest route to the destination, marked with red line and green arrows. The route can be adjusted in the World Map view. The yellow colour indicates routes that have been discovered by player.

At the bottom of the page, there is an estimation of remaining trip distance and time, called Estimated Time Arrival (ETA).

Player can cycle to different zoom levels of map by pressing F5 or clicking the magnifying glass button.

Job Description (F6)Edit

Job display

The job description page summarises what the player is transporting and where it needs to be delivered. It tells the estimated time of arrival, how much time is left to deliver the cargo, and how much money will be received when delivered on time without damaging the cargo.

It also tells how many hours the player can drive before resting.

Truck Diagnostic (F7)Edit

Diagnostic display

On this page, player can see how many percent the truck and cargo is damaged. Truck damage can be repaired at a service station, but the cargo damage will be permanent and will affect the amount of money that will be received.

If player is stuck on road, they can call Assistance Service by pressing Enter while in this page or by clicking the button. They will take player to the nearest service station; however, a fee must be paid and the transportation also takes time.

Short Message (F8)Edit

Shortmessage display

Prompting to rest

Short messages usually show automatically when player prompts some action, like:

  • Connecting or disconnecting trailer
  • Engaging parking brake
  • Engaging retarder
  • Resting
  • Filling fuel

There are other messages that show automatically without prompting some action, such as:

  • Getting fines
  • Receiving an e-mail
  • Engine malfunction
  • Unable to lift axle
  • Discovered truck dealership or recruitment agency