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Sanbuilders is a construction company in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It required construction materials and equipment to be delivered to inner-city locations.

Description Edit

Sanbuilders has two different depot layouts.

One depot layout is shaped as a long rectangle, with the entrance at one end and the trailers at the other end.

The other layout has the trailers to the right of the entrance.

The ground there is always covered with earth.

If you look around, you can see that Sanbuilders' depots are actually construction sites; you can see workers building there.

2015-05-23 00001

Sanbuilders' logo, seen on a sign at every depot

Cargo Types Edit

Accepted Provided
Acetylene Digger 500
Acid Digger 1000
Bricks Diggers
Cement Empty Pallets
Chemicals Empty Tank
Concrete Excavator
Diesel Forklifts
Digger 500
Digger 1000
Electric Wiring
Floor Panels
Fuel Tanker
Packed Glass
High Pressure Tank
Iron Pipes
Large Tubes
Plumbing Supplies
Saw Panels
Stone Wool
Ventilation Tube
Wall Panels
Wooden Beams

Locations Edit

There were also a construction area in Paris until v1.26 and Milano until v1.30.

See also Edit

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