Scania Truck Driving Simulator is a incredible simulator for Windows to the monster truck fans Scania manufacturer. For those who always wanted to drive these machines, you're in luck. SCS Software, studio specializing in highly realistic simulators, created the game with 10 challenges based on competition Young European Truck Driver.

SCS Software has a great reputation for excelling at realism, given the very demanding public. Just as an example, to start driving a Scania truck in the game, you need to take your wallet, going through a route full of obstacles.

Once you have your license, you face the most varied missions to deliver routine loads and even unusual. The challenges are real, bringing routine things like congestion, but they also offer a dose of excitement, with narrow and dangerous roads or even flooding.

For just bring ten missions, the game is relatively short, but all presented phases have a high level of challenge and evaluate their performance at the end of the route. Try and get the highest score you can keep most of the players busy for a long time.

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