Sheffield is a city in central England featured in UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Birmingham, Grimsby and Manchester are some of the closest cities featured in the game.

Depots Edit

ITCC, SellPlan and Transinet have depots inside the city. A Stein Bruch mine is located to the southwest.

Facilities Edit

The following facilities can be found in Sheffield:

Connections Edit

Sheffield, along with Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, form the central part of United Kingdom, and thus enjoys good connections.

The M1 passes Sheffield on the east, and provides two accesses to the city.

To the north, the M62 branches off the M1 towards Manchester and Liverpool, while the M1 becomes A1 and continues towards Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

To the southeast, the M1 TOTSOs on the M18, which connects Grimsby as well as the southern section of A1. The M1 itself runs south towards London.

To the southwest, a minor road leaves Sheffield and connects another minor road linking Birmingham and Grimsby. That junction is also close to the starting point of M5, which leads to Wales and Plymouth.

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