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Euro Truck Simulator Edit

In Euro Truck Simulator, one may receive speed tickets if they drive over the speed limit for a continuous moment. Fines can be received almost everywhere and doesn't depend on fixed locations.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

Speed cameras were introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2. From now on, the speeding ticket system is based on precise control locations, in the shape of speed cameras, also known as radar, along the road.

The cameras are featured in the majority of the countries in the game, with notable exceptions like Belgium or Luxembourg (Althought these two countries uses fixed and mobile speed camera in the reality).

Should one exceed the speed limit by a too important margin (~3kmph) when passing a speed camera, a ticket will be immediatly issued.

Speed camera may, or may not, be signaled by a warning sign.

Howewer, update 1.27 introduced police cars in the traffic. Like their American counterpart, these cars can issues tickets (speed, lights, red light, collision) to any infringer in their vicinity.

Trivia Edit

  • Like in real life, you may not receive a ticket if you only exceed the speed limit by a small marging (~3-5 kmph)
  • Models of speed camera in game may not represent actual speed camera. In-game German camera are fictionnal, there is no such model in use in the reality.
  • Althought In-game French radar from the vanilla game are exact copies of the real Mesta 3rd Series, it is very unlikely to encounter them over a gantry. The vast majority of radars are placed on the middle or the side of the road.
  •      Later cameras (Pariflex Falco) from Vive la France! expension are this time, realisticly placed (Althought it is again very unlikely to find two speed camera at the exact some location).
  • In game, there is warning sign before a speed camera. In reality, announcing a speed control by any mean is forbidden and consist an offence.
  • Speed camera are present in Slovakia, althought in reality the country doesn't use fixed camera.

Gallery Edit

Gatso Camera

Common British Speed Camera

Swedish Radar warning sign

Swedish radar warning sign, similar as the in-game one


Swedish speed camera, similar to the one found in game.


Luxembourg and Germany fixed speed camera model. Not present in game.


French "Radar Discriminant", introduced in Vive la France! DLC


"Trafficbox" speed camera found in Germany and Switzerland, not used in game.


Austrian speed camera, model not used in game.


Norwegian Radar, similar to the one found in game.


Polish speed camera, similar to the one found in game


French Radars found on a Gantry. This is a very rare configuration.

Speed controller

Polish In-Game Speed Camera (A2 Near Lodz)

Ets2 00214

A large gantry with speed cameras in Lyon. (Note this is a very unlikely setup to find in real life).

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