Strasbourg is a City in France at the border to Germany, which is only available in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

 Landmarks Edit

In Strasbourg are many landmarks to discover. For example, there is the Strasbourg Cathedral, the Ill river, the St. Paul's Church and the European Parliament.

Depots and Facilities Edit

There are a Kaarfor market, a Posped and a Transinet depot and a WGCC chemical factory in the city. A Stein Bruch quarry can be found south of the city.

In addition, there are a Hotel, a service shop, and a small Scania truck dealer in the city.


Strasbourg is situated at the A4 Autoroute and A35 Autoroute, of which the A4 connects the city with Metz und Luxembourg in the North, while the A35 runs down South towards Zürich (Switzerland). Nearby Strasbourg a minor road towards Mannheim crosses the A4 and two other minor roads start at the A35, one towards Stuttgart and the other towards Reims. At the road to Reims you can find the quarry.

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