Torino is one of the four Italian cities featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and is the southernmost city featured in that game before the Vive la France DLC has been released, upon which Marseille takes its place.

 Landmarks Edit

The known landmarks in Torino are the CTO Hospital, the National Museum of Cinema, the Olympic Arch, the Superga and the Torre Littoria.

Features Edit

Three companies have depots in Torino, including FCP, SellPlan and Transinet. In addition, an eAcres farm is located to the northeast of the city.

Facilities available in Torino include a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a service shop, and a small Iveco truck dealer. A gas station is situated near the eAcres farm.

Connections Edit

As in real-life, Torino is partially encircled by the Autostrada A55. Three other Autostrade originate from Torino in-game as well:

  • The A21 runs east from Torino to a junction where truckers have to follow the A7. The A7 guides truckers back to Milano.
  • The A32 runs west from Torino to the Italian-French border, where the French A43 Autoroute takes over and heads for Lyon.
  • The A6 runs south from the city until it crosses the A10, which connects the A6 with the French border. After the border crossing the A8 Autoroute runs towards Nice and Marseille. (Only with Vive la France! DLC)

Just like most Italian intercity Autostrade, the A6, A21 and A32 are tolled.

A minor road runs northeast from the northern terminus of A55 and heads for Bern, the (de-facto) capital of Switzerland. Another minor road branches east from that road and heads straight into Milano, meaning truckers can access both Torino and Milano without paying tolls.

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