Trelleborg is a city and seaport in southern Sweden, featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia.

Facilities Edit

While the main function of Trelleborg is to provide a ferry access of Sweden, it has slightly more facilities than some other Swedish seaports. Aria has a farm to the east of city, along with the Polaris Lines depot next to the ferry port.

There's also a bus station, a gas station, a hotel and a service shop in Trelleborg. However, there's no garage.

Connections Edit

Two of Sweden's main Euroroutes, the E6 and the E22, have their southern end there. Malmö is to the immediate north, where the two Euroroutes meet the E20 and bypass Malmö at the east together. Truckers following the E20 to the west will end up in Denmark, while Swedish cities to the northeast include Helsingborg and Göteborg.

A minor road goes east of Trelleborg and rejoins the E22 Euroroute in open country. The E22 leads truckers further east to Karlskrona and Kalmar.

Polaris Lines provides ferry services between Trelleborg and Rostock, Germany.

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