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Dealerships are locations in Euro Truck Simulator. They have their own symbol on the map, and come in small and large variants.


Dealer Country City
DAF Netherlands Amsterdam
DAF Norway Bergen
DAF United Kingdom Glasgow
Iveco Austria Wien
Iveco Germany Frankfurt am Main
Iveco Denmark København
Mercedes-Benz Germany Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Poland Warszawa
Mercedes-Benz Switzerland Genève
MAN Germany Berlin
MAN Germany Munchen
Renault Trucks Czech Republic Praha
Renault Trucks France Paris
Renault Trucks Hungary Budapest
Scania Germany Hannover
Scania Italy Milano
Scania United Kingdom Manchester
Scania Sweden Stockholm
Volvo Luxembourg Luxembourg
Volvo United Kingdom London
Volvo Sweden Göteborg

Small Dealerships Edit

Dealer Country City
DAF Austria Salzburg
DAF Germany Bremen
DAF Germany Leipzig
DAF Norway Bergen
DAF Switzerland Zürich
DAF United Kingdom Cardiff
Iveco Belgium Brussels
Iveco Germany Hamburg
Iveco Italy Torino
Iveco United Kingdom Grimsby
Mercedes-Benz Netherlands Rotterdam
Mercedes-Benz Poland Szczecin
Mercedes-Benz Slovakia Bratislava
Mercedes-Benz Sweden Kalmar
Mercedes-Benz United Kingdom Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Mercedes-Benz United Kingdom Plymouth
MAN France Calais
MAN Germany Dortmund
MAN Poland Kraków
MAN Sweden Linköping
MAN Switzerland Bern
MAN United Kingdom Birmingham
MAN United Kingdom Edinburgh
Renault Trucks France Lyon
Renault Trucks Germany Düsseldorf
Renault Trucks Germany Rostock
Renault Trucks Hungary Szeged
Renault Trucks Norway Oslo
Renault Trucks United Kingdom Felixstowe
Scania France Lille
Scania France Strasbourg
Scania Germany Dresden
Scania Poland Gdańsk
Scania United Kingdom Aberdeen
Volvo Austria Graz
Volvo Germany Nürnberg
Volvo Germany Osnabrück
Volvo Italy Verona
Volvo Poland Wrocław

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