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  • Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - Germany event.

    I try my best to only include conjoining countries, but some cities might offer fewer chances than I expect (e.g. I waited for a whole day to see a Polish order from Rostock, that's my 2nd trip).

    No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
    1 Oct 14 Göteborg BHV Rostock Tradeaux Sweden Cars

    2 Oct 14 Rostock Tradeaux Warszawa Posped Poland Truck Batteries

    X2 Oct 15 Warszawa Trameri Praha Tradeaux N/A Used Plastics

    3 Oct 15 Praha Scout Nürnberg Stokes Czech Used Packaging

    4 Oct 16 Nürnberg Trameri Livorno MarmoSpA (Carrara) Italy Fuel Tanker

    X4 Oct 16 Livorno MarmoSpA (Carrara) Wien Stokes N/A Tracks Achievement "Michelangelo"
    My upcoming plans
    5 Wien (Austria) to München or Stuttgart
    6 München o…

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  • Patrickov

    Unfortunately, my dead harddisk could not be resurrected or have its data retrieved, which means I have to restart my work from scratch.  Meanwhile, I have a major tidy-up work at home, that I probably am not resuming my pace for a while.

    I still took time to try out 1.32 open bata though.  I feel SCS has delivered less than they promised.

    • I voiced out a bug at Kiel at their sneak peek, but in the beta it's not fixed
    • The new district for Hamburg hasn't materialised.  Frankfurt seems not complete as well
    • Lubeck turns out to be just a closed off ferry point.  I have a feeling that Beyond the Baltic Sea can be accessed without Going East though (in real life Lubeck has ferries to / from Lithuania / Latvia / etc)
    • The trailer pack seems unfinished a…
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  • Patrickov

    Hi all, I just came back from London (in reality) yesterday. The event actually started just before my trip, so I waited until back home to start it. Hope I can make it this time.


    X1 (Not Racing Equipment)



    5 First trip out of UK



    X8 (Not Racing Equipment)
    9 Switch to France due to no new British destination found


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  • Patrickov

    Disaster (Apr '18)

    April 30, 2018 by Patrickov

    My (semi-external) HDD failed (physically) last week, which rendered my Trucking videos and Wikia work data shut off to me (unless I pay some USD 1400 to recover them).  That means I have to re-do my projects from scratch somehow.

    Thank God that my profile persists elsewhere.  I will back that up ASAP.

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  • Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - Sweden event.

    No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
    1 Mar 29 Graz TREE-ET Stockholm Norrfood Austria Forklifts

    X1A Mar 30 Stockholm Konstnorr Linköping Nordic Stenbrott N/A Fusion Tank Proof of intra-Sweden deliveries don't count
    X1B(S) Mar 30 Linköping Nordic Stenbrott Kalmar Nordic Stenbrott N/A Haul Truck Chassis Special Delivery
    Achievement "Big Brother"
    2 Mar 30 Kalmar GNT Dresden eAcres Germany Disinfectant

    X2A Mar 31 Dresden eAcres Praha Tradeaux N/A Pears

    X2B Mar 31 Praha Tradeaux Praha Stein Bruch N/A Dozer Crawl - Z35K

    X2C(S) Mar 31 Praha Stein Bruch Nürnberg Sanbuilders N/A Haul Truck Chassis Special Delivery
    X2D Apr 2 Nürnberg Trameri Banská Bystrica Stokes N/A Used…

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