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  • Patrickov

    Hi all, I just came back from London (in reality) yesterday. The event actually started just before my trip, so I waited until back home to start it. Hope I can make it this time.


    X1 (Not Racing Equipment)



    5 First trip out of UK



    X8 (Not Racing Equipment)
    9 Switch to France due to no new British destination found


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  • Patrickov

    Disaster (Apr '18)

    April 30, 2018 by Patrickov

    My (semi-external) HDD failed (physically) last week, which rendered my Trucking videos and Wikia work data shut off to me (unless I pay some USD 1400 to recover them).  That means I have to re-do my projects from scratch somehow.

    Thank God that my profile persists elsewhere.  I will back that up ASAP.

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  • Patrickov

    The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - Sweden event.

    No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
    1 Mar 29 Graz TREE-ET Stockholm Norrfood Austria Forklifts

    X1A Mar 30 Stockholm Konstnorr Linköping Nordic Stenbrott N/A Fusion Tank Proof of intra-Sweden deliveries don't count
    X1B(S) Mar 30 Linköping Nordic Stenbrott Kalmar Nordic Stenbrott N/A Haul Truck Chassis Special Delivery
    Achievement "Big Brother"
    2 Mar 30 Kalmar GNT Dresden eAcres Germany Disinfectant

    X2A Mar 31 Dresden eAcres Praha Tradeaux N/A Pears

    X2B Mar 31 Praha Tradeaux Praha Stein Bruch N/A Dozer Crawl - Z35K

    X2C(S) Mar 31 Praha Stein Bruch Nürnberg Sanbuilders N/A Haul Truck Chassis Special Delivery
    X2D Apr 2 Nürnberg Trameri Banská Bystrica Stokes N/A Used…

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  • Patrickov

    Injuries (again)

    January 7, 2018 by Patrickov

    Looks like I am out of luck recently.

    A year-end vacation turned out to be more injuries (this time on the right knee) and an illness.  I now foresee myself unable to finish the projects this month, but I will keep trying.  Of course, I also have to finish the Grand Gift Delivery 2017 first.

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  • Patrickov


    December 19, 2017 by Patrickov

    Unfortunately I had a fall and injured myself last week.  Combining with the tight working schedule and cold weather (just cool for Europe, anyway), that means I do not have much time to do things for Truck Simulator Wikia.  My current work include:

    1. A program to auto-generate most road number signs at- or post-Scandinavia DLC
    2. City tour video for Brest
    3. Road video for Dutch A4 and French A11
    4. Screen captures and maps for the three Sicilian cities.

    Let's see how much I can do before mid-Jan 2018...

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