The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - France event.

No. Date Start End Country Cargo Remarks
1 Sep 03 Paris Bâtisse Bratislava TREE-ET Slovakia Mobile Crane - Rex-Tex 45 Heavy
X1 Sep 03 Bratislava TREE-ET Pécs eAcres N/A Wooden Beams
2 Sep 03 Pécs eAcres Strasbourg Posped Hungary Garlic
3 Sep 04 Strasbourg WGCC Köln Posped Germany Fertilizer
X3 Sep 04 Düsseldorf Stokes Odense Drekkar Trans N/A Gummy Bears
4 Sep 05 Odense Nordic Crown Montpellier Globeur Denmark Sausages First visit to Montpellier
First run on French A7 and A9
X4 Sep 06 Montpellier Bâtisse (city site) Montpellier MVM N/A Mobile Crane - Rex-Tex 45 Heavy
First run on French A750
5 Sep 06 Montpellier Dans le Jardin Milano Transinet Italy Onions First run on French A75, A8 and A51
First visit to Rousset
First run on Italian A6
X5 Sep 08 Milano ITCC Zürich Stokes N/A Concrete Beams Heavy
6 Sep 08 Zürich Stokes Strasbourg Posped Switzerland Locomotive - Bossloc Heavy
Customized truck to 8x4
7 Sep 08 Strasbourg WGCC Amsterdam Trameri Netherlands Heavy Metals
X7 Sep 09 Amsterdam Stokes London Posped N/A Post Packages
8 Sep 09 London NBFC Le Havre Eco (Gas station) United Kingdom Petrol First haul contributing to "Gas must flow!" achievement
9 Sep 10 Paluel Nucléon Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Tradeaux Austria Dozer Crawl - Z35K Heavy
X9 Sep 10 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Tradeaux Luxembourg LKW N/A Transmissions
E Sep 10 Luxembourg LKW Lille Euro Goodies N/A Flour Experiment to prove that Job Market hauls don't count
10 Sep 11 Lille Euro Goodies Liège Stokes Belgium Sheep Wool


  • Heart of France (always)
  • Pennants (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium)