Verona is a city in northern Italy, introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

 Landmarks Edit

In Verona are many landmarks to discover. For example, there is the Basilica of San Zeno, the Montresor Hotel Tower, the Torre dei Lamberti, the Torre Telecom Verona and Santa Maria Matricolare.

Facilities Edit

BCP, Posped and Kaarfor have depots in the city. An eAcres farm is situated to the northwest of the city, and has its own Autostrada exit.

The city also features a garage, a hotel, a service shop, and a small Volvo truck dealer.

Connections Edit

Verona is close to the intersection between the A4 and A22 Autostrade. With the A4, it neighbours Milano to the west, and (after version 1.11 update) Venezia to the east. Through the A22 (i.e. Brenner Pass, truckers may go north towards the Austrian city Innsbruck.

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