Wien (English: Vienna) is the capital city of Austria. It was featured in Euro Truck Simulator, and subsequently in German Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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The known landmarks of Wien in ETS2 are the Donauturm, the Florido Tower, the Giant Wheel, the  International Centre, the Millennium Tower, the Neue Donau building, the Sender Kahlenberg and the St. Stephen's Cathedral.

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EuroGoodies, SellPlan and Stokes have depots in the city, while an EuroAcres farm is located to the west.

Wien features a bus station, a hotel and a garage. In addition, a recruitment agency and a large Iveco truck dealer are present in the city.

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Two Euroroutes pass Wien, the E60 runs west to the German border, and meets the E45, which runs towards München. The other, the E65 runs north to the Czech border and meets with the E67 and runs west to Praha.

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Four Autobahnen serve Wien:

A minor road starts at the intersection of A21 and A4 and runs towards Bratislava or Brno.

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