Wrocław is a Polish city featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Features Edit

The city has a large footprint, but there are relatively few companies in the city. Euro Goodies and Trameri are the only two companies having depots inside . Meanwhile, an eAcres farm is to the south of the A4 Autostrada, while a Stein Bruch quarry is off the minor road towards the Czech Republic.

There's a bus station, a garage, a hotel and a service shop in the city. A small Volvo truck dealer is situated near the junction at the southwestern corner of the city.

Connections Edit

The A4 Autostrada passes to the south of the city proper. To the west the road connects the same-numbered German Bundesautobahn, with the first city encountered being Dresden. To the east the road passes to the south of Katowice and Kraków before taken over by the lower-standard Droga krajowa 4, eventually ending at a point south of Lublin.

Truckers wishing to access Łódź and Lublin may follow the S8 Droga Ekspresowa, which starts to the northeast of Wrocław.

Two minor roads set off from Wrocław, one towards Poznań and the other going into the Czech Republic.

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